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Share Your Story at Home

Homeschool Summer Bundle

Homeschool Summer Bundle

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Share Your Story for Homeschool (Grade)

We have created this bundle just for homeschoolers like you. This set of products is designed to bring literacy into your home this summer. The bundle includes:

1. Homeschool Book Writing Kit ($60 value)

Share Your Story is an eight-step writing experience that guides your child through writing their very own book—and everything you need comes in a beautiful kit! The program is super easy for parents to use, featuring clear steps and designed to allow you to work at your own pace. You decide what’s best for your kids! Plus, it gives your children an exciting goal to work towards: creating their very own book! 

You decide what’s best for your child!

Grade-Level Version: Tailored to scale with your child's learning level.

Multi-Age Edition: Ideal for students who are in between grades.*

Work at Your Own Pace: Easily Adjustable to Your Schedule.

* The multi-age edition is essentially the same as the 3rd-grade version, but it doesn't specify a grade level. This format is particularly beneficial for students who are transitioning between grades. Additionally, it's an option for 6th or 7th graders who prefer not to use materials labeled for 5th grade. 

This beautiful all-in-one kit provides everything a parent needs to succeed: 

✅ A comprehensive parent guide.

✅ An engaging activity book.

✅ Entertaining instructional videos.

✅ A draft booklet for initial ideas.

✅ A blank hardcover book for the final masterpiece.

✅ A year long pass to all virtual events.

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2. Character Creator Kit ($35 value)

The perfect companion to the book writing kit, the Character Creator Kit offers an exciting experience that guides kids through the process of designing their very own story character, from concept to creation!

The Kit Includes:

✅ Beautiful Felt Zippered Portfolio

✅ Step by Step Design Pad: A structured pad designed to guide you through your artistic creations with easy-to-follow steps.

✅ Parent Guide: A comprehensive instructional guide designed to help parents support and engage with their child's journey.

✅ Set of Colorful Markers and Draft Pencil

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3. The Very Airy Flight Crew: Reading Mission ($30 value)

A program specially designed to provide children with an exciting framework that encourages reading!

Depending on your child’s age, they may choose one of two missions:

  1. For younger kids, their mission is to read 50 books with or without the help of a parent (e.g., "Pete the Cat," "The Very Hungry Caterpillar").
  2. For older kids, their mission is to read chapter books and track at least 500 minutes of reading.

The kit includes:

  1. A set of custom die-cast metal wings.
  2. A signed hardback copy of "The Very Airy Library: Bumpy Blastoff" book.
  3. Mission instructions, including a book/minute log, by mail.

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The bundle ships in late May.


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