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Share Your Story

Book Writing Kits for Classes

Book Writing Kits for Classes

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The Share Your Story Book Writing Kit is the ideal supplemental writing program for your school and classroom.

Adaptable to a multitude of settings, including:

  • Traditional Classroom
  • After-school
  • Writing Club
  • Gifted and Talented

The book writing program is an eight-step writing experience that guides students through writing their very own book—and everything you need comes in a beautiful kit! The program is super easy to use, features clear steps, and is designed to allow you to work at your own pace. You decide what’s best for your kids! Plus, it gives your students an exciting goal to work towards: creating their very own book! 

This beautiful all-in-one kit provides everything a teacher and student needs to succeed: 

  • Beautiful Felt Folder
  • An engaging activity book.
  • Entertaining instructional videos.
  • A draft booklet for initial ideas.
  • A blank hardcover book for the final masterpiece.
  • "I'm an author" wristband and pencil

Teacher kits include:

  • A comprehensive teacher guide on how to adapt the program to a variety of settings
  • Certificates of completion for each student
  • Copies of the student activity book, hardback book, and draft book
  • Beautiful pen and pouch
  • Access to the teacher portal

You decide what’s best for your students!

  • 1st - 5th Grade-Level Version: Tailored to scale with your child's learning level.
  • Multi-Age Edition: Ideal for mixed-age clubs and classes*
  • Work at Your Own Pace: Easily Adjustable to Your Schedule.

The multi-age program is essentially the same as the 3rd-grade version, but it doesn't specify a grade level. This format is particularly beneficial for students who are transitioning between grades. Additionally, it's an option for 6th graders who prefer not to use materials labeled for 5th grade. However, it's important to note that 6th graders might find the content somewhat elementary for their tastes.

**Class Bundles include 10 student kits and 1 teacher kit. 

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