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Share Your Story at Home

Early Learning Book Creator Kits (Pre Order Today!)

Early Learning Book Creator Kits (Pre Order Today!)

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Now, even your youngest students can participate in a step-by-step literacy program that meets each learner at their developmental level and guides them through the writing process.

*Starts shipping this JUNE 2024

The easy-to-use, research-based program is perfect for children from 3 - 6!

A comprehensive parent guide.

Entertaining instructional videos.

A blank hardcover book for the final masterpiece.

A year long pass to all virtual events.

Easily Adjustable to Your Schedule.

Each kit not only provides parents with the materials needed to take their child through the journey of creating their very own book - you also receive additional materials to help foster a love for reading and writing, such as:

Story Spark Cards: A set of 7 fiction and non-fiction stories that can be arranged in numerous ways, allowing children to get creative and learn the basics of storytelling, including characters, setting, and events. Each card set comes with discussion questions and an open-ended card so kids can add their own story ideas!

Story Sheets: Each Story Spark Card includes corresponding Story Sheets. Kids can color, add words, and cut out their story to include in their hardback books.

Story Stones: The perfect aid to help parents and children think of creative story elements. Simply draw a stone from the bag and let your imagination take care of the rest!

    Each kit also includes a copy of The Very Airy Library: A Bumpy Blastoff along with puppet characters for the kits to cut out, so they can interact with the story. This is a great way to get your child engaged in the reading process.

    Let's start building a foundation for literacy in your child today!

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